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The ultimate game for everyone that are fascinated by everything frozen and want to learn more about the Arctic and Antarctic!

Did you know that the Cryosphere is actually a subset of the hydrosphere that represents all the ice on Earth: snow, glaciers, ice caps, ice floes and icebergs?

Did you know that the Artic is mainly frozen ice on top of the Arctic ocean? Have you ever heard of albedo?

The cryosphere acts as one of the Earth’s main temperature regulators, making it an important component in allowing life to exist on our planet.

The DIVERSITY DECK® Cryosphere covers topics such as:

  • Indigenous people that inhabit the poles
  • Ice Cores
  • Arctic and Antarctic Flora
  • The effects of rising sea levels
  • And much more....

Play fun card games with the whole family whilst diving into the world of science and learn about the spectacular Cryosphere!

Test your family's knowledge, who do you think knows the most?

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