• Earth System Collection | 8 decks

Earth System Collection | 8 decks


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DIVERSITY DECK® Earth System Collection

The ultimate games collection for everyone who are interested in Earth System Science and want to learn how the 7 spheres interconnect!

This exciting collection of 8 games is a great tool to understand how the spheres need to work in perfect balance to sustain life on earth.

Why limit yourself to one DIVERSITY DECK® when you could have 8 of them!

Do you know how the 7 Spheres interconnect?

Did you know that they have to work in perfect balance in order to sustain life on Earth?

Once we understand the way that the Earth System interwoven, we can see the real impact we have on our planet and, armed with that knowledge, be empowered to live in a more sustainable way.

The Earth's Spheres set is a collection of 8 beautifully illustrated card decks:

  1. The Earth's spheres
  2. Biosphere
  3. Hydrosphere
  4. Atmosphere
  5. Cryosphere
  6. Lithosphere
  7. Magnetosphere
  8. Technosphere

Learn how all the spheres interconnect, plus scientific topics such as sustainability, biodiversity, climate, healthy living and global citizenship, and the positive steps we can take to look after our planet.

Our DIVERSITY DECK® Earth's Spheres Suitcase is carefully designed to allow easy storage and transportation.

Don't miss out!

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