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The Glowing Dog!

How much do you think you know about biofluorescent animals? Check out the latest scientific discovery * Sky, the dog that glows in the dark! *

Lately we have all been confined to our homes, and this also means that pet owners have had more time to spend with their beloved animals. One family in particular have indeed made the most of their time and made a profound discovery when they came to realise their dog Sky had fluorescent abilities. Not surprisingly they were in shock.

The family contacted scientists who conducted a night study via skype and could only draw the conclusion that the family was indeed correct! Their dog glows in the dark.

When interviewed by their local newspaper the family said that they have never noticed Sky’s fluorescent abilities before, as they are always normally very busy but after spending a couple of weeks at home it became apparent that this dog is quite remarkable!

Scientists say that one explanation for this miracle dog could be that he might have eaten too many fluorescent frogs in the local pond.

Many animals have been known to carry this unique ability, including some types of frogs and sea creatures, until now no such occurrence has been found in other animals.

When animals have this ability it is called biofluorescence, and it works by light being absorbed into the body and then being emitted back out at a slightly different wavelength. Sea creatures are believed to have this ability due to how dark it can get deep under water. It is an evolutionary mutation of the genetics which has developed for survival reasons.

You can read more about biofluorescence in this New Scientist' article: It turns out loads of frogs and salamanders are fluorescent

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