• Sustainability Collection | 8 decks

Sustainability Collection | 8 decks


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DIVERSITY DECK® Sustainability Collection

The ultimate games collection for everyone who loves to learn more about their world and our impact on it!

Why limit yourself to one DIVERSITY DECK® when you could have 8 of them!

Our DIVERSITY DECK® Sustainability Collection is carefully designed to allow easy storage and transportation.

Don't miss out!

Are you interested in science?

Want to learn about bacteria or cool unusual animals?

Or perhaps find out about Inspiring People who has made a difference to our planet?

Perhaps you could follow their footsteps one day?

Our Sustainability Collection explore the Science of Sustainable Development with fun, fascinating and diverse themes, such as Endangered Animals and Inspiring People, which aim to inspire players to be empathetic, thoughtful global citizens who are empowered to become change makers and drive sustainable development in the future.

Explore Sustainability through our 8 different beautifully illustrated card decks:

  1. Inner Planets
  2. Polar Animals
  3. Endangered Animals
  4. Bacteria My Friends
  5. Inspiring People I & II
  6. Hydrosphere II
  7. Technosphere II

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