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Inner Planets


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The ultimate game for everyone who loves finding out facts about outer space and learning more about our neighbouring planets!

Do you know the names of the Inner Planets?

And did you know that in order for life to exist and flourish the conditions must be exactly right?

Many factors must be taken into consideration, such as distance from the sun, the level of greenhouse gases, or the presence of water.

Inner planets seek to explain the conditions necessary for life by comparing the inner planets and moons of our solar system.

Our DIVERSITY DECK® Inner Planets covers topics such as:

  • Space Exploration
  • Importance of Greenhouse Gases
  • Space Pollution
  • Earth, Venus, the Sun
  • And much more....

Play fun card games with the whole family whilst diving into the world of science and learn about the incredible Inner Planets!

Test your family's knowledge, who can name all the planets?

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