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Polar Animals


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The ultimate Card Game for everyone that loves polar animals and want to learn more about them!

Do you know any Polar Animals? Which one is your favourite?

Can you tell which polar animals live in the Arctic and which lives in the Antarctic?

And do you know the Latin name for a polar bear? It is very tricky to pronounce!

The Polar Animal DIVERSITY DECK® beautifully illustrates a range of polar animals such as:

  • Polar bears
  • Puffins
  • King Penguins
  • Huskies
  • And much more....

Play fun card games with the whole family whilst diving into the world of science and learn about some incredible Polar Animal’s!

Test your family's knowledge, who knows the most?

Polar Animals DIVERSITY DECK® seeks to sensitise individuals to the ways in which polar animals are having to adjust to a constantly changing and, due to the polar ice melting, soon to be inhospitable environment that they have spent millions of years adapting to, while also drawing attention to global conservation efforts.

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