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DIVERSITY DECK® Technosphere

The ultimate game for everyone that love to learn about human impact on our planet and what we can do to best care for it!

Did you know the human population of our planet in 1900 was about 1.6 million, and today the population has risen to almost 8 billion?!

And that Agriculture feeds almost 60% of that population?

The Technosphere, also known as the anthroposphere, relates to all aspects of the environment that have been modified by humans.

The Technosphere DIVERSITY DECK® covers topics such as:

  • Aquafarming
  • Environmental regulations
  • Demographic explosion
  • And much more....

Play fun card games with the whole family whilst diving into the world of science and learn about the terrific Technosphere!

Test your family's knowledge, who knows the most?!

Check out our Technosphere II deck to learn more about this fascinating topic.

While many aspects of the Technosphere concern damaging activities such as deforestation and pollution, our deck provides scope for positive alternative practices that promote sustainability, preserving life on our planet.

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